Mad Madmen – Ego Friendly Digital Deluxe Edition


Preview Track: Mad Mad Woman 

Mad Madmen’s Digital Deluxe debut EP, “Ego Friendly”, consists of 5 tracks — plus 2 bonus demo tracks — catered to the dualist nature of their compositional style: Kalam’s rhythmic and funkier approach and Marvin’s melodic and chordal approach, glued together by the adaptative drumming of Thareq. The EP was initially released on March of 2019, marking more or less the band’s 1 year anniversary of being together.

Below are short descriptions of the two demo tracks included in this exclusive release:

Mad Mad Woman (Cubase Demo) — Kalam and Marvin recorded this whilst completing the composition in one night. The intro, bridge, and the guitar solo came to fruition in this recording session of the demo.

Does it Make you Feel Better if you Know That I Know, Natasha Dear? (Cubase Demo) — This song was completed in an attempt to fill the spot of another song that was deemed yet to be completed by all three members. Although rather rough around the edges and lacking real drums (same with the cubase demo version of Mad Mad Woman), we still find both demos enjoyable and worthy of a listen — to give an idea of how these two songs were originally conceived.

This release contains two bonus tracks exclusive to The Store Front.

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Komentar Kami: 

“One of the few names that stood out over the course of the past couple of years in the alternative music front, Mad Madmen is a three piece outfit that brings the bite and slant to their music.”

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Daftar lagu:

  1. Mad Mad Woman
  2. Snakes In My Head
  3. Cold Turkey
  4. Funky Child
  5. Does It Make You Feel Better If You Know That I Know, Natasha Dear?
  6. Mad Mad Woman (Cubase Demo) – Exclusive Bonus Track
  7. Does It Make You Feel Better If You Know That I Know, Natasha Dear? (Cubase Demo) – Exclusive Bonus Track

Includes: Includes: Digital download in 320kbps MP3.


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