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Biara materials were released back in 1999 as one of the earliest goth rock releases in the local scene. Sieve is also one of the early acts of goth rock along with SEL, Silent Sun, Kubik, and Koil. Getah came first with their release in 1996. This release marks an essential touching point in the genre and is now available for you in CD format

Sieve formed by Richard Riza (SEL’s keyboardist and synths) as the mastermind and Alexandra J. Wuisan (First vocalist of Cherry Bombshell dan now vocalist of Gergasi Api) to handle the vocals and songwriting. With Regina Rina joining later on as the guitarist and backing vocal for Sieve.

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  1. Biara
  2. Mars
  3. Megalomaniac Halo
  4. Vitreous Wish
  5. Furies Atonement
  6. Kelopak Angsa
  7. Kediri Bersemi
  8. Fake Ballad