Vira Talisa – Vira Talisa – EP


Preview Track: Walking Back Home


Vira Talisa’s debut EP served five songs of serenity and potential. Released back in 2016, it led to bigger things for the singer-songwriter. Today, the EP is adored by her fans and set the standards for her upcoming releases. Vira Talisa was scouted by Orange Cliff prior to releasing this EP on the back of some of her uploads in souncloud.

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Komentar Kami: 

“A sweet EP from Vira Talisa! Five years removed, the EP still gives us smiles all over!”

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Daftar lagu:

  1. If I See You Tomorrow
  2. Into Dust
  3. Get Up, Get Down (Isn’t it Funny)
  4. Walking Back Home
  5. Whirlwind

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