Meet The Doppelganger – Catching The Sun – Single


Meet the Doppelganger / MTD is a solo project initated by bedroom composer-producer Denny Aulia / Mat Dompleng.

Plunging into the peculiar world of music back in 2009 playing guitar for a thrash/heavy metal band “Goddamn Thrash”, Denny formed a blues rock outfit dubbed “Fart and Loose” in 2013, and joined a pop act called “Mantrakama” as the bassist in 2018 (until present).

2020 marked his decision to start a solo project with independent creative process, adopting a non compromising, straight to the chase approach, without any concrete knowledge in audio engineering, self-taught by only experience and his own feelings. Armed with only pentatonic blues scale knowledge on hand and relying in, as worded by Denny, “the journey of the ears”, in which he listens to practically anything across any genre, he then re-projects everything through musical composition that tends to be characterised as ‘moody’ and non-intermittent. “Composing alone is the best feeling”, Denny said.

“Catching the Sun” is his debut single to be followed by another maxi single, “Situational Isolation” later this year.

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“Of all the newer releases from Orange Cliff, Meet The Doppelganger is one of the most exciting to listen to! Give this one a listen for a good serving of pop music!”

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