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Matter Mos, a Jakarta-based artist, has finally released his debut album, “Pronoia”. After years of releasing singles and features, Fadhil, his real name, decided to recruit Akmal Rizky as his engineer – a bold move considering Akmal’s focus as an electronic music producer. Somehow this idea seemed to make sense since the aim was to make an alternative hip hop album, a blend between hip hop and everything else. 

Captivated by the idea of pushing boundaries through hip hop, with help from producers and fellow songwriters, Matter Mos spent months developing, sculpting and reshaping what he considered to be a ‘fantasy album’. 

Releasing an album only on The Storefront and NFT is a daring move for an independent artist. Especially in an era where streaming services are the go-to for music listeners. But the intention is to contribute alternatives for musicians to revalue their self worth.

This is the first rollout to “Pronoia”; over the next couple of months there will be merchandise drops, and possibly a deluxe edition at the end of the year.

Pembelian mencakup rilisan dengan format wav yang dapat ditanyakan melalui setelah pembayaran dilakukan.

This release is an exclusive to The Store Front.

Komentar Kami: 

“An honest attempt from our very own. An independent and direct approach. The grandest sonic exploration in its purest form. PRONOIA will explain itself upon its first listen”

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Daftar lagu:

  1. THANK GOD (with Romantic Echoes)
  2. JOYFUL INTERLUDE (with Ramengvrl & Romantic Echoes)
  3. MODERN PAGAN (with Faye Risakotta & Romantic Echoes)
  4. GOAT
  5. ATLAS
  6. SAFEHOUSE (with Teddy Adhitya)
  7. BISMILLAH (with Kamga)
  10. STAY STRONG (with Danilla)
  11. PRONOIA (with Ariel Nayaka & Kay Oscar)

Pembelian mencakup: Unduhan MP3 digital dengan kualitas 320kbps, booklet digital.


  1. Anonim


  2. chch

    been following matter since he spitted track about 30th september and now the long-awaited album is coming and proving that matter mos is the most versatile MC in Indonesia..

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