Bin Idris – Anjing Tua


Preview Track: Hari Sudah Petang 


First released during Ied Al-Fitr holiday back in 2017 as a supposed tongue-in-cheek gesture, the tracks in the album did not initially go through any mastering process and were released with a cover art done by Robby Wahyudi Onggo that featured his photograph of a literal (as far as we could perceive) old dog, standing in the middle of the road leading to Haikal’s residence in Dalemwangi circa 2015 – late 2016.

It was not until 2018 that the album was re-released on major streaming services and put for sale on Bandcamp with a new set of artwork by Jakarta design house, Table Six, and properly-mastered tracks by Adhitya Wibisana /
Adhit Android).

“Anjing Tua” is a splendidly-produced album properly displaying Haikal’s peak in songwriting, yet haphazardly put-together and hastily-released, to which Haikal confessed that the album itself was ultimately only a result of him trying
out his newly-purchased Secco guitar.

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Komentar Kami: 

“The fabled album, I personally remember the struggle of listening to this album upon release. Haikal Azizi songwriting got sharper in this album, it got more personal.” 

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Daftar lagu:

  1. Anjing Tua
  2. Anak Panah
  3. Hari Sudah Petang
  4. Rukun Warga
  5. Pulang Kampung
  6. Tenggelam
  7. Raya

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