ASSEMBLE 2 by Lamunai Records & Pesona Experience


Assemble 2 is a showcase of Jakarta Tenggelam, a Hip Hop compilation initiated by Lamunai Records and Pesona Experience that will be out this year with a bunch of names as contributors that represent the current scene of Jakarta. Consisting of 6 rappers from different entities which are Basboi (Dominion Records), ENVY* (Lamunai Records/Pesona Experience), BAP. (Lamunai Records/Pesona Experience), Kink Yosev & Tacbo (Bureau Mantis), and Noise From Under (PreachJa).

Three Buns pada hari Kamis tanggal 8 September 2022.
Tiket pre-sale Rp 75.000 dan OTS 100.000

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